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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 28, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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what? >> i know. >> well, it is almost august. >> normal daytime high, at the peak during the summer, though, 87. so we have a stretch of above average warmth here coming up here. so yes not like we have never seen this before. but certainly haven't seen it yet in 2015. so ban long time, i think it can sort of throw you off when you haven't seen that casino of heat in that casino of stretch of days for such a long time. so, just be ready. you know, have your fans ready. have your air conditioner ready to go. cranking the next couple of days for now storm scan nice and quiet. high pressure hooking us up. however, few very minor issues, if you look at our camera outside cut town area middle school, sun obviously up, if you look at the distance here specially sort of excuse the sky line or excuse the farmland at least with a little bit of fog that's settled in. so you are finding not ideal visibility the, in some locations like the poconos allentown, for example 3-mile visible, but less than ideal
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when you are at ten in the a.c. airport lancaster also checks in at only mile visibility at this point. win nice and calm. that's how some of the fog is starting to form in the north and west most suburbs because you need calm wind as well as moisture to allow it to settle. that's what's gone on. 75 degrees out at the airport looking forward in the forecast, hot and steamy day. day one what looks to be prolonged heatwave for our area, 91 degrees the expected high in philly, sun clouds, for the shore, in the poconos steaming up as well under more sun than anything with a high of 87. meisha over to you. >> little too warm, and speaking of taking little drive, let's take little drive, should we? roads nice, still early, so i feel like getting in that car with you and going all the way to the walt whitman bridge. everyone traveling at positioned speeds, once you cross the bridge get on to the schuylkill expressway, this is what you are looking
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at, westbound at passyunk, looking great there everyone still traveling at posted speeds, and i know, i'm a good driver. 452, also looking good making your way toward that airport area. you can see just a steady flow of vehicles going in the northbound direction, in fact, taking a peak at 95 all morning long, 59 headed in the southbound direction on the other side trying to get into center city, actually looking little busy. also he concrete deck improvements, spring garden, the onramp on to the schuylkill headed in the westbound direction until next week tuesday august 4th, plan accordingly, erika over to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> let's get back to breaking news. i've been following this all morning out of southwest philadelphia. one firefighter injured in early morning house fire on the 5900 block every kingsessing avenue. fire investigators are calling this fire suspicious. people inside the house say they were woken up by neighbors banking on the door
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as the fire engulfed the dwelling. >> i'm didn't know where the fire was until i got outside. >> what did you see when you got outside? >> smoke coming from the third house. and then, you know, and then the water sprague on the house, i never been in a situation like this before. >> we're told the firefighters injury considered minor. police sources tell "eyewitness news", that the house where the fire started has been a problem house in the past. the cause is under investigation. right now 5:33, and 60 days and counting until pope francis comes to philadelphia for the world meeting of families for people relying on septa to see the pope, they want to know when they can buy the special transit passes. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now, live at 30th street station that's one of few spots that septa will be running during the papal visit. justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, yes frustration on both sides here. customers eager to buy the tickets, and septa still
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smarting from the failed roll-out last week, and of course, not wanting a repeat. that was thought to be the topic of monday did i's press conference, before it was quickly scrapped without short notice. it was postponed for later this week, so, also, still in the air is when and how these passes will be sold. these are one day 10-dollar regional rail passes, for september 26th and 27th. high demand locally and septa admitted they learned it the hard way. hundreds every thousands swamped their site, high volume later crashed it, some feel septa failed setback does not help the agency image or the city, take a listen. >> to me it, doesn't seem like it is the way to make people want to come to philadelphia and show philadelphia to be first class city which is what we want it to be. but, if you make it difficult for people to use public transit, there is a big
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problem. >> septa says of course that's not their goal. going forward there will be 24-hour announcement before the sale goes through hoping that will help curb the demand and get people on to the site and the site they say by that point will be able to handle the high volume. we are live at 30th street station, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a map depending security perimeter around philadelphia for the papal visit. mayor michael nutter wants to you know it is not legitimate. the city still formulating plans for the pope's trip here >> as soon as plans are finalized by all of the partners organizing this event, briefly that would be the world meeting of families, city state federal agencies, number of others, we will jointly, officially, publicly, share those official plans. the mayor went ton say he expect to release more information about the papal
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visit next machine day. and stay with "eyewitness news", as new details about the pope's upcoming visit start to come out. we'll bring them to you on tv and on line at right now, it is 5:36. in business news this morning what china's doing to prevent stock market crash. money watch's jill wagner joins us from new york stock exchange jill, good morning. >> good morning, chinese stock markets continue their free-fall. regulators trying to stop the sell off after the biggest one day drop in eight years so far, though, their actions aren't helping much. and, that sparked another sell-off here in the united states, the dow fell 128 points monday, nasdaq dropped 49. pilot shortage has republic airlines cutting back on flight on the us. that airline operates more than a thousand flight a day for major carriers like american, dealt, a ooh noted. republic says the pilot shortage made worse by new faa rules that raise the minimum flight experience required, for commercial pilots. and, for all of those
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undercover superheros out there, check out this captain america paint job. artist used special paint on the lamborgini, in daylight redish purple, splashed the car with warm water and you have first avenger of automobiles. pretty cool. just don't take that to the car wash, you will freak them out, right? >> no kidding great idea, well done. thank you. >> right now 45, 37:00. and the catholic teacher fired from walden mercy academy for being in a same sex marriage now speak being out. marge i winter tells our pat ciarrocchi about her life, her marriage, and how she feels about losing the job she loved. >> what it was like inside was like a death. >> that was june 22. the day marge i winter was fired as director of religious education, at wald ren mercy academy in merion. >> it got to the core of who i am. you know, and my ability to express that in the churr.
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>> catholic church that marge i and andrea her wife of seven years, both love and serve. >> and it is my fate. it is my church. i don't netsly want to leave t and i think my place is at the table. >> marge i and andrea met me in washington square park, they've kept low public profile. despite parent rallies being stage today support them. >> i knew that they would be up in arms over this. we teach tolerance, openess, hospitality at wald ren. >> marge i believes tipping point on her firing from wald ren was a phonecall that was made here to the archdioces complaining about her marriage to andrea she said she not angry about losing her job but hurt. >> it has been a lot of hurt, yes. and make anger at the injustice. >> they say injustice rise frost chatting -- choosing someone of the same sex to love marin, in a church where dog ma does not permit t even with a pope, who went when
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asked about homosexuality answered who am i to judge? >> i never felt marge january alized but i think some conversion that needs to happen within the churr. >> marlie isn't looking for work just yet. she is navigating these new waters. >> reinstatement, you know i don't think that it, you know, in the cards. i mean, it is tough but it is tougher feeling excluded from the church. >> but would they leave the catholic church? these two women met while entering religious life, as sisters of mercy. but then, chose a life together instead. >> i actually feel like now we're more commit dollars to staying in the church than ever. >> pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up this morning, a college football team pulls off pretty gook lockerroom prank. see how the coach spooked some players. reaction is just terrific.
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also, a security warning for cell phone users the simple flaw that could allow hack tears steel your information with just one text message. >> and firefighters struggling to get the upper hands on several raging wild fires out west. see the frantic effort to save some horses from those spreading flames. we'll be right
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>> phillies play the blue jays tonight in toronto.
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gets the start for the phils eight and one since the all-star break. also, this is really neat story here. jen wealther first woman to play none playing position in the football league, running back makes more history today. when she will be introduced as the first woman coach in the nfl. she'll coach arizona cardinals, inside linebackers for the training camp and the pre-season. the cardinals tweet add coat from the head coach and former temple coach bruce it says, if you can make me better, i don't care if you're the green hornet. now tweeted: i'm honored to be part of the bird gang, love the football family here with the arizona cardinals. well done. we still have few weeks left until college football kicks off. until then the coaches at ohio state are having little fun at the players expense. check it o. >> oh, this is great. one. coaches dressed up like a
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manican, several players, in the lockerroom, one player, see that, looks like he is on fire stops dropped and rolled. but easy of course to laugh national champions, way to get the season off to a good start, that's great. >> it looks like former nba star gilbert arena can still knock down shots said he has been banned from a county fair in california because he won too many times at the carnival's basketball game. check this out. he posted it on instagram. those are all of the prizes he won. i can't even count how many stuffed animals there are maybe sixers? just saying. give the guy a shoutment can't hurt right? summer tradition stepped offer with the 106 wildwoods baby parade. always great tradition n addition to some of the cute he is babies in the world there will be special guests for today's festivities. the harlem globetrotters will be there as will the 1944 queen oceaniana.
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there will also be 2015 queen oceania, today, as well, all step-off at the wildwood convention center. katie, i know you are just ooh and ahh over there. love to bring your two little girls next year. >> oh, precious. keep in mind too i learned this, six months or younger no sunscreen allowed for the babe. >> i oh? >> yes. make sure they have their hats ready to go. make sure they're all topped up with some sort of adorable we saw lobsters in the pair aid there baby lobsters. >> bill umbrella, too. >> i can't stand it weaver warmth and humid toy start you off here. we will keep it more centralized here, and we start off near central new jersey, maybe not closer to the city necessarily, but you have generally clear sky mark sending in 68 degrees to us here, and he said the dew point starting to get closer to the tomb temperature meteorologist, 101 allows the fog to form, at least allows the clouds to form, and with the light winds, that he's already reporting that is how that fog is having chance to
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actually settle. we go next to bill laden check in with 69 degrees, in cart inning ton. he only sent it in within the last few minutes very humid starting to see haze building for him. good advice, too to stay hydrated. actually landscapers at our house yesterday. they were the poor guys just sweltering. this was just the beginning of what is going to be long mid week stretch of days. barbara lane, checks in with clear skies 69 degrees for her in willow grove. but, trust me, guys, we weaned zero ends one hot weather start off in the 60s 70s now that the sun is up it, will do it part. looking at the first of potential seven day straight row of 90 plus degrees heat here. so looking at the 90 plus agree days that we have checked in with, over the course of the last couple of years, in 2014 so far i mean, 2010 was banner year, 55 days for the whole year as whole 2015 thus far only 14, we will do little catching up, though, looks like here in the days ahead eventually this front crosses through, doesn't do much to really cool us down, but i jump you out to the seven day forecast, this
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is important stuff. notice, thursday when we have our shot for showers thunderstorms, from the front. drops the dew point, in other words, the humidity for friday, but we keep it hot for seven day stretch we think of 90 plus degrees. meisha, over to you. >> all right day-by-day, the good thing about right now is your roadways, are looking good. nice and dry many of you just starting to get onto them. see plenty of headlights, tail light now where we have some construction, 59 southbound at new hope. right lane blocked right here, 95 southbound at new hope know you have lost the right lane other than that, though, looking good in that area concrete deck improvement, onto 76 westbound. that's closed until next week, so one week from today, you have lost this onramp on to the schuylkill expressway, from spring garden, so, make plans accordingly we know it can get busy. vine st. westbound heading towards the schuylkill expressway, looking good here, take a look at this, everyone
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traveling around at posted speeds exactly what we want to see on early tuesday morning, making our way into the 6:00 hour. levels will start to bill. but look at this, censor map all the levels, nice and high, this is exactly what we want to see moving into the 6:00 hour. so so far so good. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. update on breaking news this morning, fire officials are calling a house fire in west philadelphia suspicious. that fire gannon the second floor of a house in the 5900 block of kingsessing avenue. a firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. officials investigating an overnight fire in monroe township, 200 block every buckingham court luckily, no one was at home at the time. and, a wanted man leads police on wild car chase. it started around 7:30 last night, in oakland, camden county. the suspect went back and forth from philadelphia, back to new jersey, this lasted for about two hours. police eventually caught that
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suspect near the philadelphia airport. >> a red flag warning is now in effect for parts of northern california. crews battling several wild fires across the area. officials say a new fire in north sacramento county was intentionally set. someone started in the middle of a large field. it destroyed one home, and half dozen classic cars on the property. >> a lot of memories in there. things we can't get back. but it is things. so no one was hurt. that's the main thing. >> at least eight wild fires are burning across the state of california. hundreds turned out to release lanterns at prayer vigil for two missing florida teenagers. terry cohen, and austin stefanos had been missing since friday. their boat discovered capsized several miles offer the coast of daytona beach. many people are still holding out hope they'll be found alive. >> hopefully the hat tenser are far enough they can see them, know we are still
5:50 am
looking for them, we need them to come home. >> the coast guard has said it is possible despite conditions at sea that the teens could survive for days. crews have already searched an area the size of the state of indianna. >> 5:50 right now. coming up: lifetime ban at starbucks did not last very long. we told but the story yesterday. now hear from the custom their now wants his to be allowed back into the coffee chain. first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> security flaw could affect millions of users. attacker could take control of device and gain access to information on that phone. the vulnerability is found in android media play back tool. attack could come via text message, but don't have to open that message for your device to be compromised. >> there could stop using all messaging apps on their phones, but very un likely, essentially we need to wait for the patches to come out. >> google says it is sending out affix. security experts are suggesting users update to the latest version although, that
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does not guarantee the patch has been applied. well, remember the man we told but yesterday, who was banned from starbucks for policing handicap spaces? some good news for him. he can now enjoy morning coffee once again. starbucks is letting rob rowan back inside. he was prohibit affidavit making fuss over customers parking in handicap spots at his florida starbucks. rowan said his son-in-law is handicapped. he's now looking forwards to getting back inside the starbucks. >> i think it is an opportunity for starbucks to wake up and smell the coffee. i am looking for them to take a leadership role in some way with accessible parking, which is a huge issue. >> rowan has a meeting with a starbucks regional manager tomorrow. he wants starbucks to do even more to help the handicapped. do you ever struggle with how much money you should leave for a tip 15% 20%? new technology taking the guessing game out of tipping. as cbs news core upon dent brian web reports, it is also putting some pressure on
5:55 am
shoppers. >> at the local coffee shop, tip jars are being replaced with e-tipping. tablets and apps let you leave tip on your yesterday the card with the tap after button. some people like it. >> e-tipping is nice. i don't have to have change in my pocket. >> the programs often give three tip options that leaves some feeling coerce intoed giving a higher amount. >> you feel kind of like a jerk if you don't do it, right? have some restaurants also using electronic tipping, at some salons, coassume terse could use an app to book an appointment, pay tip before they even walk in the door. >> trying to eliminate that little awkward exchange that sometimes happens at the end after point: so it is all done through the app or on line. >> into new type of tipping is paying off for workers. >> i will take your money however you want to give it to me. >> studies show, people are more generous, when faced with a screen. >> we tip based on merit. >> but etiquette expert patricia fitzpatrick says customers should only tip if it is earned.
5:56 am
>> up to you how you feel about the service whether you want to or not but don't feel guilted into doing it. >> brian web cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we want to know you what any this e tipping trend. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news" updated own breaking news, firefighter injured in a row home fire overnight. we'll have his condition coming up. also, it was the video that shocked the worlds. remember this? professional surfer attacked by a shark on live tv. now that surfer is surprising people again. and, oh, it is going to be a hot one, katie has your forecast, meisha checking on the roads when we come right back. see you at 6:00.
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we are following g breaking news, firefighter injured while battling row home fire in kingsessing. we're liver on the scene with why officials are calling that fire suspicious. >> driver leads police on a chase. learning more about the man behind the wheel. >> and the heat is on. and this could be the beginning of another heatwave.
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but it just doesn't seem to end in the seven day. katie has that for you coming up in a moment. good morning tuesday july 28th, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get your day started when traffic and weather together, with katie and meisha. >> good morning, today is a good day guys. a, it, not monday, b, it is dry roadways. >> big weather headline, in the days ahead here, talking temperatures easily going to spike to the 90s, we think we will have the wherewithall to hit 09 degrees at least for the next seven days, craziness, but there you have t on out to storm scan3 starting off with quiet view, you know, we have few little speckles evergreen that show up on the area radar at least moving out to sea at this point.


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